Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Down A Dark Alley: The Journey Ends

We have reached the end of the alley, and luckily for everyone involved there is a way out. At least I think so, heh...yikes....anyways, Horrorfest 2012 is starting up in August. Cheers.

Too bad about this one, as the remake was actually surprisingly solid, and quite effective for what it was. The problem with this movie is not only the fact that it lacks some of the purpose of the remake, and gets bogged down in extreme un-necessary violence and psychobabble. Although the psychological elements were actually one of the few really good, interesting things about this movie.

Furthermore, the current storyline results in Dr. Loomis becoming an asshole, which is outrageous. Sure this is a re imaging of the original series, and of course changes will be made. But here's the problem: Loomis wasn't different in the remake. He was the same dogged, righteous hunter of evil, never resting until Michael was dead. Suddenly having him become a jerk who's out to make money off of human tragedy simply angered me, as it was a complete raping of one of the best protagonists in horror movie history.

Ultimately, Zombie does have talent. The psychological scenes are eerie and well done, if somewhat confusing, and there is a fanastic use of "Nights in White Satin" (too bad it only happens in a dream sequence). Brad Dourif adds his usual level of good acting to the proceedings, and thankfully Loomis redeems himself and takes a complete U-Turn at the end (I did laugh when he calls himself an asshole while looking in the mirror).

Some well done things can be found here, but this movie also illustrates the problem of violence and gore being so overdone in too many modern horror movies these days that it becomes trival and just droll. And that's not a good thing. I can accept that in slashers I suppose, but the original Halloween and the original TCM used violence as a means to scare and disturb effectively. 60

Scare Level=4.5

PS: I do want to view the Director's Cut at some point, as I hear its better than the theatrical version, which is the only one I have seen.

"You just gotta enjoy the little things." So says Woody Harrelson's cowboy hat wearing, crazed zombie killing badass in what is the most entertaining movie I've seen all year. That quote could be applied to this movie, as the small moments are just as fun to watch as the major ones, and even though this movie is largely a comedy there are a couple of creepy/freaky moments. But then of course that's par for the course when the setting is a America completely drowning in the undead, who have taken over everything and anything. Which also makes this is an apocalyptic movie too, I guess.

Even though the film makers clearly had plenty more material for a longer movie, they wisely keep the audience wanting more and keep the whole picture short and simple. Columbus meets up with Tallahassee, even though the former is a complete wuss in sharp contrast to the latter who has no fears period, then they run into two way con artist sisters. Zombies attack. Not much to it, eh? Well the movie would fail if the jokes weren't so hilarious, and if we weren't given any reason to give a damn about the characters. I give this Fleischer guy credit for going with the decision to keep the cast rather small, which is what Romero did in his classic Dawn of the Dead.

Anyone who's seen the previews can tell where the film's climax takes place, and on top of that there is a cameo that is so perfect you have to see it to-I refuse to spoil it here. Does anything of importance really happen here? No, but I didn't really care-I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Sometimes that's all that truly matters. Oh and that opening sequence is pure brilliance. First it gives you the "Real life happening as recorded on camera" vibe followed by a zombie attack, followed by the best use of "For Whom The Bell Tolls," ever. 91

Scare Level=3.5

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