Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ch-Ch-Check It Out

Basically since its the summer and the lies and bullshit of campaign season are being spewed by both sides, I figured I'd seek out an unbiased and reliable source: FactCheck.org, which has credibility and is beholden to neither side. What they discovered is that most of, if not all of, Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney in regards to Bain Capital and his time as governor are lies and damn lies. Anyone who knows me can attest to how little I like Romney-I've even referred to him as the first potential robot president, and lately I've cracked jokes about how Romney is a lot like Patrick Batman from American Psycho. Yet I'm all about finding out the truth, and its really pathetic of the Obama administration to be spoon feeding the American people half truths and misrepresentations. Its also not too surprising: all they left to bash Romney on is how the guy is a wealthy millionaire who lacks the ability to care about the Average Joe (as if the Common Man hasn't elected terrible leaders before) and that the guy abused his dog. Plus the fact that Romney keeps trying to remind everyone that RomneyCare=ObamaCare, something which no one seems to be forgetting. Anyways, here's the FactCheck.org link exposing the Obama campaign: http://factcheck.org/2012/06/obamas-outsourcer-overreach/
Not to mention the Obama Campaign also completely twisting Romney's economic record as governor, which is exposed here: http://factcheck.org/2012/06/obama-twists-romneys-economic-record/

Since no one actually reads this blog, my comments probably won't stir up anything, even though I can rest assured that some Obama supporters will accuse me of shilling for the GOP. Trust me people, I hate the GOP right now. If they truly stood by what they actually support (lower taxes for everyone, not just rich people, or cutting spending, opposing silly foreign wars) I'd be willing to ignore their fundie driven social policies, which I no longer support. No I'm just someone who is tired of campaigns lying repeatedly, and honestly the Romney campaign has already sent out some attack adds that have already given me a headache. FactCheck.org is actually an equal opportunity provider of attacks on both sides, as I just finished reading this article: http://factcheck.org/2012/06/obamas-spending-inferno-or-not/ which actively notes how most of the Romney camp's ads about Obama's economic record are spinning the truth.

What this entire mess really reveals is that using the Internet (as long as you check out the appropriate and well researched sites) is a better use of your time than watching cable news. After all, we live in a world where the formally named Clinton News Network (CNN) is supposed to be the middle ground between Fox News and MSNBC. God help us its going to be a long five months, and well I've already figured who I'm voting for: Gary Johnson. Wahoo throwing my vote away.

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