Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Health Care Ruling: Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The ACA

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of the ACA. Unlike its critics, though, my problem is that the bill does not go far enough: lack of a public option means that the law is not true universal health care. Still its an attempt at fixing a broken system, although I’m not sure it will reduce costs, either. Yet I’m not flipping out and overreacting like so many people are about the Supreme Court’s very close and somewhat surprising decision to uphold the law, although Justice Roberts’ assertion that the law requires people to pay a tax or be subject to a penalty is correct, and should be noted.

Yet what’s truly hilarious in all this is the overreactions about the landmark decision-well landmark unless Mitt Romney gets elected and overturns the law, even though he enacted exactly the same type of health care system in Massachusetts. There are really dumb people threatening to go to Canada when our rather nice neighbors to the north already have an even better and more expansive universal health care system, and its rather depressing that so many people oppose the idea of enacting something that has been adapted and accepted by the rest of the westernized civilized and democratized world. Say what you will about Michael Moore, but the guy smartly put forth the case for universal health care with his only truly great film, Sicko (2007).

While yes I acknowledge that people have the right to worry about their premiums going up, I think that might be a middle class concern only. The poor will receive aid in paying for insurance, and the rich already can afford it. My biggest fear is that the already hit hard middle class will suffer from another tax that they cannot really pay right now, and that’s something that Obama and the Democrats will have to address. Perhaps that fear is unfounded, but I’m not so sure, and of course the Republicans have only included that in their arguments to drum up a new case for repealing the law. The next five months leading up to November should be very interesting indeed, and apparently this issue will overshadow jobs even though the economy is still struggling to recover and unemployment is still above 8%.

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