Saturday, February 18, 2012

That Little Girl Sure Packs Quite a Punch

Even by action movie standards the film Hanna moves rather quickly, although the beginning moves a bit slow after the early moments. One such moment being the killing of a deer that is swift and brutal, a proper foreshadowing for the death and chaos that is soon to follow. Despite the film's story and plot that are both a bit sketchy at times, wavering from simplistic to way too complex, the high level of entertainment in addition to the movie's fast paced level of action and suspense more than makes up for most of the film's deficiencies.

Well that and a excellent techno score from the legendary Chemical Brothers, plus a truly great cast. Saoirse Ronan does a tricky balance, playing Hanna as both inexperienced in terms of being a young girl while also recognizing that she is a very gifted assassin capable of taking out adults twice her size. Portraying her extremely dangerous father, Erik is Eric Bana, an actor who is no stranger to action movies or playing people who can take out multiple people without really breaking a sweet. This occurs in a scene that is well paced, letting the audience see what is clearly going on while also being suspenseful as well. Cate Blanchett as Marissa is especially notable for being the film's antagonist, steely eyed and pursing both Hanna and Erik for reasons that only become clear later on.

In an era where even the worst movies get sequels, I wouldn't mind Hanna becoming an actual franchise, at least in terms of what could be further accomplished with the character and any new adventures that could possibly be created for her. This film not only features really strong female performances, but is also a grand thrill ride with at least half a brain in its head, which is more than I can say for many action movies these days. 92

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  1. I agree with this. Loved this a lot in theaters. Not as much after a second viewing. Still solid though but the ending could have been a little bit more thought out.