Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It Takes Fierce Will To Get Ahead in This World

Created over a decades long period, and finally put into motion resulting in one 2011's most fascinating films, The Tree of Life is Terrence Malick taking his strong visual aspects and unleashing them to a rather heavy extent. Although this film does have an underlying story arc, this merely serves to benefit the main heart of Malick's latest offering, giving the audience a spiritual and emotional encounter that is rather breathtaking and very meaningful.

Reportedly being about a huge loss and a big blow to an American family, Malick dives deeply, focusing largely on enlightenment, to a certain extent. Although I do not propose to truly understand what the director in this case was truly aiming for, one can go off on what he quite possibly had in mind, or at least speculate on this film's greater meaning. Yet maybe there is no real actual sense of truth, or possessing the ability to make real actual light of what can be merely known or unknown.

Perhaps what Malick truly is aiming for beyond featuring the cosmos, the stars, dinosaurs, life beyond this life and into the next, our most basic notions of reality completely shattered by a supposed higher power. This movie wisely does not impress upon the viewer the need to belief in God, Buddha, Allah, even the massive Spaghetti Monster that flies around. That is this film's most notable achievement, utilizing a brilliant soundtrack and expert scenery and picture, submerging oneself in a truly immaculate experience.

"Mother, father. Both of you wrestle inside me." That line speaks to me strongest of all, even as the main character dwells on his past, wondering if it will lead to a more vibrate future. Such puzzles are left rather unsolved, for what happens next in our lives is left unwritten, the past maybe not so much a window into how we will turn out as we grow older. This could either be wisdom or foolishness, however only we can discover this for ourselves. 95

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