Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Espionage, Blackmail and Virtual Reality`

Most of Michael Crichton's books have been made into movies, this film being an adaption of one of his most famous books. Especially considering this film centers on the rare instance where a man is actually sexually assaulted by a woman, which results in her actually accusing the man of assaulting her, instead. Really that is something that normally happens in these instances, but of course since it is from a book by Crichton nothing is what it truly seems.

Even though this movie has its fair share of limitations, this is still a rather engaging corporate thriller/drama that manages to be rather entertaining. The major players involved are populated by a talented cast featuring Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, and Donald Sutherland. Some of the plot actually centers on the fact that an aging executive is forced to battle not only for his career, but also fight to avoid being labeled as a sexual harasser. What's even more interesting about all of this is how the film covers possible new technologies, reflecting how many of Crichton's books managed to mix fact with science fiction, although this movie is more heavy on the drama elements.

How this film closes out, and what lies at the truth of the matter is to be discovered for the viewer themselves. Disclosure is mostly a tightly paced film, utilizing its great cast and dealing heavily in sexual politics. Although this movie could have gone deeper into its aspects of male v. female, there is enough on the surface level to make it a fairly solid movie. 85

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