Friday, October 7, 2011

This Isn't a Pretty Place Where The Flowers Grow

Merely three years after The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and five years after The Last House On The Left, Wes Craven covered revenge again-this time using in bread cannibals instead of a group of escaped murders. A family makes the mistake of breaking down nearby an army base in the desert, and gets attacked by those lurking in the surrounding countryside.

Earlier Wes Craven was more brutal and nihilistic in his work than in his 80s and 90s films, and this movie is no exception. The family is forced to resort to crude and primitive methods to defeat the cannibals, while suffering greatly as a result. Although Craven does utilize the harsh landscape, he fails to fully explore its possibilities-perhaps due to lack of funding.

Still, this is a well made and disturbing movie, a look into a real "State of Nature" where one group wars against another group. Unapologetic in its display of extreme violence, once more Craven adds another good movie to his record. Even though when it comes to his films The Last House On The Left is a much better film, one that more properly covers the negative effects of violence on the American family.

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