Friday, October 7, 2011

Alien Slugs Burrowing Into Your Brain

Taking proper direction from such cult films as Shivers and Night of the Creeps, James Gunn creates his own great, yet disgusting, horror film. Alien slugs land, and proceed to take over a small town, in, well, that's not important. This film takes the concept of body horror to new heights, as those taken over become ugly, gross mutated creatures hungry for "Meat." One should really avoid eating while watching this movie.

Forced to deal with the situation is a hapless yet likable local sheriff, the town's profanity spewing mayor, and the wife of one of the infected, a man who just happens to be the main carrier for the outbreak. Her commitment to "Till Death Do Us Part" gets insanely tested in this movie. As nasty as it is, Slither has plenty of comedic and humorous moments. The outlandish and creepy parts often provide set up for really funny scenes, and most of the main characters bumble their way into dangerous situations.

Really though the mayor, played by Gregg Henry, has many of the movie's best one-liners, such as "That bitch is hardcore" and his complaining monologue about no Mr. Pibb being just another bad thing in a day filled with really bad things happening. Naturally the film has a crazy ending, too, and even features a scene where the sheriff has to fight an undead infected deer.

Don't forget to watch after the credits, and remember to look to the skies. Be it in fear, terror, or even wonder if you like. And of course I'll be joining the countless others in hoping for a sequel.

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