Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Election Coverage 2012: MadMan Style

Depending on who you voted for yesterday, by now you are either really depressed or incredibly happy. Perhaps your more like me, who voted third party but really did not like Mitt Romney, so hey its good that he lost. Regardless there are many who will read way too much into the results and make statements filtered through bias. I of course am going to be one of those people, only I don't care about Obama winning reelection so much as I do about the lesser races, the ones that turned out to matter just as much. I am referring to the fact that gay marriage and weed legalization were big winners yesterday, which affirms more so than Obama's win that America truly is changing.

If you are a white rich male this terrifies you. Your kind is slowly but surely being left behind by the race of the country, which is a good thing for the rest of us. Naturally you still have Fox News to spin, lie, and obscure the truth, yet its only a matter of time until the majority starts tuning them out as well. I'll admit I am a white male, however I am not concerned about an America that has the potential to be more diverse than ever before. In fact, this makes me happy, simply due to the fact that America has always been a melting pot of different religions, cultures, races and creeds. Tuesday night seemed to affirm this, especially since Fox News trotted out people who decided to do what they've bashed liberals for doing: playing the race card.

No I'll agree that this is not the America of the 1950s, and I'm glad. Only a white upper class male would want to live in a world where minorities and women have little or no rights, and homosexuals are persecuted for daring to be who they are. Where as the 2008 election resulted in some Democrats (namely James Carville, who wrote a book about how the Democrats could and should rule supreme for decades) declaring they would be the top dog turned out to be false (the GOP still holds many governorships and still controls the House of Representatives) 2012 is much different. I actually think that this time around Obama's victory and the fact that the Democrats keep the Senate and gained House seats signifies that the Republican Party is in serious trouble. Big trouble, in fact.

Especially when they trout out post campaign ads such as this one: which completely goes against the current reality. How has the conservative movement grown stronger after two straight presidential losses? Election night did not go well for the GOP, although they still have that faint hope of taking over Congress in 2014. The message I truly got out of Tuesday's results is that the GOP has to change or die, and for the love of God please send out a halfway decent candidate in 2016 for president. Mitt was a terrible choice, and that's why he lost. Keep that in mind, Republicans. As for the Democrats, well don't get too excited since Congress is still divided and Obama barely won the popular vote. Its going to be a bumpy next four years.

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