Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lost Films Always Lead To Screaming. Lots of Screaming

Over the years there have been horror movies covering "Lost films," films so terrifying and nasty that they have been banned. This of course stemming from the fact that so many horror movies have been actually banned in other countries, and that too many have been censored by the MPAA. So naturally horror filmmakers have decided that the search for something that has been reportedly buried is the basis for a quality horror film, and they've been right.

With The Hills Run Red, you have a very likable group of people going into the deep woods to find a movie titled, well, The Hills Run Red, which was in fact a gory and completely disturbing horror movie. This journey into the heart of darkness results in them becoming part of the movie, so to speak, and is rather unflinching. Really this is not a Jason in Friday the 13th style slasher film, or one of the more fun and campy 80s slashers. This is brutal, mostly unrelenting once they encounter the killer, style of serial killer movie. Babyface is actually a pretty creepy villain, and the main hero of the movie, a young man named Tyler, fails too late to realize that his quest is one gigantic mistake.

Without reveling too much, let's just say that he gets his wish. Chilling, to be sure, but the payoff wouldn't have been as satisfying had the rest of the film been so straightforward, refusing to pull any punches. The hills run red with blood, are full of screams, and contain endless terrors. 84

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