Wednesday, October 31, 2012

He Just Wants His Pot of Gold

There's very little that's even remotely scary about this movie, and yet I couldn't stop watching. Horror is successfully molded together with comedy in Leprechaun, a film that is not serious at all and therefore in being endlessly campy achieves, well, some type of halfway decent end result. Just look at that gif of the evil title character rooming the halls of a hospital in a wheelchair. Oh wow. I'm at a loss for words, because how on earth do you respond to something like that? We are talking about a movie that has a character being murdered via pogo stick. POGO. STICK. I have to hand it to the little guy, he's sure creative about his kills. The fact that they made at least five-six movies, or that there was a series at all, might be a little depressing to certain people, but based on what I just watched I have a desire to view them all. Even the second journey to the hood one that I've heard is beyond godawful.

Before Friends came out Jennifer Anston starred in this, and she wants you to forget about this movie. I never will, simply because at one point the leprechaun drives around in a little car, and previously murders some poor slob of a cop simply for the guy stopping him and making fun of his height. Never mess with a leprechaun, take his gold, or poke fun at his appearance. Hell hath no fury like a leprechaun scorned, and he spends the entire movie trying to get back the treasure that was stolen from him. Leprechaun (1993) is the feel good comedy of the 90s, an example of dialing up pure cheese to eleven and never looking back. Oh and I still want a Chucky v. Leprechaun movie, which would be not only hilarious but also completely epic. We're overdue for that one. 75

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