Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Haunted Forever By Memories Unknown

Crafted as equal parts nightmare and lucid fantasy, Ganja and Hess is an enigma to a certain degree. Blending the vampire sub-genre with blaxploitation to form an interesting mix, what exactly occurs in the film is unclear. This is irrelevant, for the movie explores so many different topics and issues, from sex to being forced to murder and drain the blood of victims to survive. Blood is present and heavy in this film, the clear red liquid shimmering as its consumed by one Hess, a doctor given the curse of immortality. For he is doomed forever to need and crave blood, the sweet nectar of life that flows within all of us. Thus, Hess becomes a day walker, able to roam the streets hunting desperately for what he so eagerly thirsts for. Believing that his soul is tarnished, he nevertheless feeds off of the living and the dead.

Considering that he forces another to bear this deadly curse with him, it is then strange that while he tarnishes another he decides to vainly desire salvation from his walking nightmare. There are bizarre dreams that give possible insights into tortured minds, revealing the wants and needs of a people suffering from a malady unknown to 20th century mankind. Even as Hess reaches for God, he fails to understand that God is out of reach, possibly due to not existing or being uncaring of his plight. Man's lack of ability to save themselves and those around them is both tragic and horrible, a fate worse than even death itself. 90

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