Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don't Go In That Creepy House Stupid People

Part of me wants to find out the how and why of The Nesting (1981). Why the hell it ended up being so terrible, and how did the director and everyone else involved stick it through. Did they just hope for the best, or did they all believe they were making a great ghost/supernatural movie? Because this movie sucked, hard. Actually it was only merely very bad, as The Nesting didn't have the ability to be worse than merely very bad/awful. Maybe terrible comes to mind. All I know is that I only stuck it through because it was a free library rental, and so I could bash it here, on my blog. This movie is the opposite of quality haunted house and ghost movies ever made, and my advice is to skip this movie and rent something good, such as Burnt Offerings (1976) and The Changeling (1980), both which I believe I've reviewed in this blog.

There is a plot, I guess, and this story involves a novelist going out to the country because she's afraid of going crazy, although later on someone tells her she's too crazy to be going crazy. Wonderful. This is followed by strange things happening, and then bizarre deaths which abuse the hell out of slow motion. Those deaths are utterly hilarious, and I don't want to spoiler them here because I'm sure they can be found on YouTube. Or just watch this movie if you are in the mood for a good laugh, I don't care. Considering that most of the time I get lucky and randomly select halfway decent horror movies, I was bound to stumble onto a turkey such as this one. I blame the cool looking cover, the sweet title (The Nesting....its catchy) and the fact that the trailer made this movie look awful in a gloriously entertaining sort of way. Yeah, no. Just no. Say no to this movie. 36

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