Monday, September 3, 2012

Don't Touch That Radio Dial

Words are more important than people realize, and they are important to our understanding and comprehension of others. However, if words ended up becoming harmful, or spreading a type of disease, then speaking would turn into a dangerous act, something to be avoided. The 2008 horror film Pontypool touches on this subject to a certain degree, even though the last act falls apart a bit and ruins the creepy atmosphere the film spent so much time building. Regardless though this is a solid, workmanlike effort that could have easily worked as-note the irony-a radio program.

One cannot really call this is a zombie film in the sense of the traditional type of those creatures, although the movie does feature behavior that can be noted as such. This film is successful in describing the terrible events unfolding outside, and thus we the viewer are chilled by what our eyes cannot witness. A particular call in from the radio station's lone weatherman proves to be utterly chilling, and other accounts are rather bleak and eerie in nature. The entire situation quickly spirals out of control, resulting in the film's main character, a shock jock exiled to a small town in Canada, named Grant, to face that what is truly happening is not a joke. This is really occurring, and his unwillingness to take matters seriously at times almost ends up proving to be his undoing.

Even though, as noted, the last act suffers a bit from loosening up the rather claustrophobic tension, this is still a movie worth viewing. Stephen McHattie anchors the movie with his truly great performance, and most of the movie is absolutely freaky. Just don't expect something along the lines of more action packed zombie movies that have been released this past decade, which does make this film a tad unique, I suppose. 88

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