Friday, March 9, 2012

Borne and Bred of Blood, Sweet, Tears and Sacrifice

In spite of not having read the book series written by George R.R. Martin that Game of Thrones is based off of, in watching and enjoying the HBO series' first season not having read the source material was not a requirement, nor did it hinder my enjoyment of the show. HBO magnificently has brought to life a fantasy series brimming with everything that one finds in great television, and that is not surprising considering their excellent track record over the years from The Sopranos to Boardwalk Empire. Those who do not care for fantasy could even possibly find something to like in Game of Thrones, which might be a bit remarkable.

Centered around a mythical realm that is composed of seven kingdoms united under one ruler, Games of Thrones at its center revolves around heavy politics, quiet schemes, violence and murder, and the motives of men that are both honorable and rather unscrupulous. Not to mention talk of dragons, the king's throne which bears the name of the show, winter walkers that are basically zombies, and of course an entire horde led by a woman obsessed both by dragons and also with reclaiming the home that was stolen from her. All of this rich, complex tapestry is also focused heavily on two powerful and ancient families, the Starks of the North and the Lannisters of the South, who later on in the season actually clash in warfare due to circumstances not entirely of their own making.

Not only is the show incredibly well written and directed (not to mention the unique opening credits) but it is also anchored by a truly wonderful cast anchored by famous actors Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage and actress Lena Headey. Clearly most of, if not all of, the show was shot on location too, which adds to its lush visuals and gorgeous cinematography as well. With how the season finishes out, and also noting the multiple story lines that still remain unfinished, I am heavily anticipating the next season, and in that time I might even start reading the books. Winter is coming, and the Games have just begun. A-

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