Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow, snow go away come again on a really sunny day

Hey that rhymed. Anyways, its 2 am right now and I already looked out my window to catch the first actual snowfall of the winter season. I guess I should consider myself lucky that it took until January 12th for actual snowfall, but really this makes me grumble instead and wonder why there had to be any kind of snow at all. For those who are currently unlikely enough to be driving at this hour, its also blowing snow, which makes visibility rather difficult, not to mention quite low. White powder flying around and covering up your windshield apparently causes driving to become quite dangerous, for some reason. But of course you need to be able to see where you are going while operating a rather large vehicle composed of plastic, metal, and glass.

According to the weatherman (or woman, but usually it is a man) the expected level of snowfall for tomorrow is supposed to be 4.4 inches. Wonderful. At this stage of the year 2.0 inches would be enough to for at least a school delay, so I imagine that schools will be canceled or let out early for Thursday. I am pretty sure that 4.4 inches is enough for sledding, a snowball fight, and of course a snowman. Since I will have to go outside and shovel today, I'm skeptical that sleep is even required, or will be necessary. You can always just accomplish the job and then take a nap, I suppose, unless you have to go to work that same day. Since I am unemployed at the moment, I do not.

What a really boring blog post this has turned out to be, but that's okay since no one reads this and I could practically post whatever the hell I want. Alright not anything and everything, but still my point remains the same. There is something to be said for not ranting, however the snow always brings out the worst in me. Especially since people in this town seem to lack the ability to drive in it for some reason or another. I imagine in six and a half hours I will be trying to dig my car out, since I foolishly left it in the parking lot across the street and the snowplow crew will have buried it completely. Grumble grumble.

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