Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Date a Vampire: The Non-Twilight Edition

When it comes to horror movies, John Landis has made his fair share, which is a bit surprising considering he's more well known for his comedies. Although Innocent Blood features some comedy, the movie is primarily a vampire movie with mobsters. Despite this being merely solid at best, its still a relatively entertaining movie with a good romance lying at its heart. Really its not everyday that a person falls in love with a vampire, even a vampire as gorgeous as this one. You just have to beware her strong bite, amazing strength, and standard predatory nature.

Marie is a rather simple vampire with basic appetites who only kills and feeds on mobsters and murders. Joe is an cop deep undercover in the mob who's cover gets blown, and thus he is hated and hunted by the mob. The man him and the police is trying to nail, Sallie (The Shark), a feared kingpin and psychopath, ends up getting his blood sucked by Marie, but she is interrupted and thus is unable to finish him off. This leads to um, certain complications that only cause more problems.

This movie is not Romeo and Juliet with vampires (although to a certain degree Underworld had that type of premise), but there is a touch and go love affair between two different people. One who is alive, and the other who is the undead terror of the night. If anything this subplot is more engaging and interesting than the still relatively entertaining main storyline, as the movie sees if its possible for a vampire and a human to co-exist together in a relationship. Luckily for Joe, Marie tells him "You're not my type," which means she's unlikely to suck on his jugular vein.

Despite featuring vampires, Innocent Blood doesn't really follow vampire mythology in strict terms-in one scene, a vampire is killed by a gunshot to the head-but it gets close enough. A few creepy moments do exist, however the movie is as much a bizarre crime drama as it is a horror movie. A possible sequel could happen, but this film is best left as a singular entry, and its not really a bad addition to the vampire subgenre of horror movies.

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