Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meh, Monster, Meh!

Many movies have been inspired by, and based off of, H.P. Lovecraft's many stories that he wrote back in the early 1900s. Die Monster, Die! (!965) is one of those, based on Lovecraft's tale called The Colour In Space, which I will admit I've never read. Still that story has to be more engaging and entertaining than this picture, which doesn't do Lovecraft any kind of justice.

Despite containing many gorgeous visuals, the movie comes off as more of a House of Usher ripoff than anything in the Lovecraft mythology. If maybe the story it is based off of is very similar to the movie, knowing something of Lovecraft I bet that his story has heavy atmosphere, is quite creepy, and works very well. Sometimes certain ideas and stories don't translate well from the printed word to the silver screen, and this is certainly one of those cases.

Which is too bad, because some scenes work really well, Boris Karloff gives it his usual all, and the last act is quite bizarre. Too bad that what comes before it is a relatively uninteresting movie that could have stood to use more creepiness. Certainly this movie is sadly a dud, and a rather forgettable one at that.

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